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Independent voting

Third parties, rising from the depths to gain control of a nation caught in a whirlpool is what I predict for the near future. Do keep in mind I am not Ms. Cleo but I do make this predication. Third parties have been around for over 100 years ( at the national level of our political system. Ross Perot the most famous candidate of recent times accurately predicted the economic mess in which we now found ourselves. Ron Paul, father of Tea Bagger number one, Rand Paul, was wooed by many Independents to run apart from the Republican machine. However, giving into the fear of disrupting the smooth processes brought about by the two party systems; too afraid to pull a “Nadar”, he declined to run as an independent. Ron Paul and Kucinich for 2012 what a ticket.

Why do we have a fear of going outside of the two parties? Could it be the redressing, given to anyone who dares to vote outside of the Dem or Repub machinery? (Verbose, I know) I am certain those who have dared to mention voting Independent have heard the infamous saying, “Why are you just throwing away your vote?” I say if you vote and the vote is counted, you are not throwing it away. Votes are only thrown away if they become lost in the vehicles of state troopers who cannot find their way to the county counting office. I say fear not the Independent, what have voting either Dem or Repub gotten us? I voted for the Green Party candidate in the last presidential election. .............................................................. ...................... Sorry, I was waiting for the world to end at my confession. I could not in good faith vote for either McCain or Obama. McCain had Sarah Palin, which would have put her too close to being at the top for my comfort level. Obama had too many allies from a bygone era waiting in the wings to claim cabinet positions. In addition, I was one of the disenchanted females perturb with Clinton being railroaded by the DNC. The good thing for me was the Green Party candidate was someone whom I had known for some time and knew I could count on her to do the right thing for America as a whole.

At the end of the day, ask, what has either of the two parties done for this country lately? The Democrats elected in 2006 did absolutely nothing to repeal any of the Bush policies. They did not even speak behind closed doors about repealing anything. In fact, immediately after the 2006 mid-term election they said they would do nothing against Bush and crew. ( ). Talk about a WTF moment. The current soon to be majority party in the House, is already discussing repealing legislation enacted to improve the conditions of Americans. ( ). Another WTF moment when employment in this country is still at a high level brought to us from a member of the two-party election machinery. Yet we continue to bow down in support of these demi-gods.

In light of such behaviors by both parties, I ask are we men (women) or are we sheep? Do we have the fortitude to take a stand in the voting booths against such self-serving individuals? Do we have the fortitude to take a stand before they even get their names on the ballots? I say that we as Americans do have the fortitude to do so. So let us just do it.


  1. The trouble with voting 3rd party or not voting at all is that you ALWAYS help the person you like the least (or hate the most). IMO there are only 2 alternatives and they both need to be implemented simultaneous.

    1) Get involved in the party of your choice (and drag others of like persuasion with you) and be a voice - hell in a lot of areas you can take at least a ward, if not the the county just by showing up with other motivated people.

    2) Work with (or start) an election reform group and work for instant run-off voting. For more info:

    If you need any motivation &/or nuts and bolts techniques, become a regular listener to Thom Hartmann's MAGNIFICENT radio &/or TV show.

    BTW: Hartmann's latest book is available for FREE - a chapter a week - at:


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