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We can not afford tax cuts

After the Senate failed twice to make any headway on tax cuts and UI benefits, I took a little timeout from shouting to be silent. I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes being quiet with my son as we watched Harry Potter. Today, I awaken early to get to the store to buy food to aid in my son’s combat of the season’s first cold. During the shopping and the quiet time, I continued to wonder if maybe I am the one missing something. I do not have the alphabet soup behind my name or statistical knowledge, as do those in the Senate. I may be alone in seeing a crisis where there is none.

However, just as I thought to put away the shingle of my blog in favor of teaching public school, I got a retweet of a NY Times article ( Reading the article I was reminded how, my close to retirement age mother, who has advanced degrees, was laid-off as a teacher under the guise of budget cuts from the state. Our governor, Haley Barbour, choose to give the money budgeted for public schools to the Department of Corrections. I do not fault the governor for his long-term thinking. It is a given that people put in a pressure cooker will eventually not abide by the law of the land, thereby necessitating the need for additional incarceration centers. It is not as if the federal government had offered any funding to the states to offset the need to lay off teachers or to shorten the school year ($100-billion-education-stimulus).

My blog is still up and going for I continue to have hope, hope that the American people will see through the politics. During the campaign of the last 22 months, we have heard nothing but doom and gloom over the bailouts, TARP, and ARAR. Now I agree that TARP should not have happened given the bankers and financiers had created the problem, knowingly. The automaker bailouts did allow us to keep jobs not only in Detroit but also in Mississippi where some auto suppliers are located. The biggest disgrace is how our local government and state government have gone out of their way to discredit the Obama administration. They have gone as far as not to use the ARAR funding as designed to be used or they have refused to use the funding ( ; ). Their collective actions or inactions sustained a Bush error crisis that was used to help win national elections (

Now the Republicans whom seem to have heeded Rush Limbaugh’s call for Obama’s failure are still peddling the notion that tax cuts works. At this point in the game, the tax cuts have done nothing but make the wealthy wealthier, the middle class low class, and the low class no class. Even the richest of the rich have come out in support of ending the Bush era tax cuts. They are motivated by the well of people who buy their cheap goods not having the money to buy their goods any longer. Any 3rd grade class about the flow of money shows that trickle down does not work. When the federal government has less to give then the states are forced to raise taxes or tax necessities. Milk in Mississippi costs the same as milk in NJ. However, in NJ, food is not taxed and the people are paid higher wages. The funny part of this matter is people in Mississippi vote Republican knowing the platform is to cut the public healthcare system on which they rely. At some point when the skillet is hot, enough the people will let go of the skillet and make decisions that are more informed.


  1. I found this post through crooks and liars, which makes me smile considering I am a similarly angry liberal in Mississippi. Maybe I'm not so alone after all?

    All of what you said is dead on. As an educator at one of the state's SEC schools, I am blown away by how ill-equipped Miss. students are for college. Many of them can barely read and write and even more have abysmal critical thinking skills. These cuts to education are disastrous.

    The people's cultural affection for the Republican party will only ensure that Miss. remains at the bottom of all positive measures and at the top of all negative ones.

    It's enough to make a person want to cry.

  2. My hat's off to you. On "Head-ON With Bob Kincaid," we often take note of and praise the courage of, liberals in the Deep South. I have argued to my listeners that being liberal in Mississippi or Alabama is a far, FAR different thing than being liberal in Massachusetts or California. It is not only far more difficult, it is also more dangerous.

    We have a term for folks like you and me: "Behind the Cornbread Curtain." It's not as hard as iron, but it's certainly as opaque.

    I wish you well in your continued labors. Never give up, and know that there are those of us out here who value your work and recognize what a challenge it is.

  3. As a former Deep South resident I here you and am grateful that you continue to hold on to your beliefs. I am from New Orleans and it is the last bastion of blue you'll find in Louisiana. I agree with Bob Kincaid that it is easier to be a liberal in Massachusetts than it has been in Louisiana, Florida and Texas.

    Keep on with the struggle! Hope is alive even in the south.

  4. Hi,
    First time reader but long time southern lib. I like your post and you are not alone. Our corporate overlords are winning! Cuts to education, KEEP southerners fearful and permit manipulation by the Fox fear machine. As regards to the last election, its easy for the GOP to frighten the ignorant racist and rabidly religious with a relentless campaign of fear and lies 24/7 and 52.
    BTW, in your opening statement I think it should be Limbaugh is a 'blow Hard' not blow-heart.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jack in Alabamastan


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