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The Crazy Continues in America

 Excuse me if I go astray as I type this posting.  I have worked long hours and watched Scandal.  However, the real scandal is the one committed by the GOP.  Somehow between a desire to see President Obama fail and Koch brother money funding a misinformation campaign, the people in America believe getting cancellation notice of their junk policies is worse than slavery.  Hint: It is not. 

Tonight as I attempting to catch-up on all I missed today, someone replied to me on Twitter about "Obamacare".  I stated the ACA was not actually President Obama's original plan.  This person insisted it was. I then asked the person what plan did she/he have to replace ACA.  Instead of responding the person insisted I was not sane.  I may not be but I do know if we don't have ACA we need something better than the for profit system we currently have.  I digress, my point this person only knows healthcare reform was done while a Black man was in office.

She then sent a link to me of something Ben Carson said about healthcare.  She even added he was a classy man.  I guess this was her attempt to say she is not a racist.  Personally I think the fact she sent a link from Ben Carson rather than an actuary or economist means she is racist.  I don't agree with all Black people.  Ask my mother, I don't agree with her most of the time.  I digress, again, my point is I read the link.  Basically Ben Carson is discussing Single Payer with the banks being in charge of the money instead of the government. 

Now, I shall give Ben a pass for thinking government is not good.  He is a Black male older than I and is sure to have seen some things in his life.  However, I believe a government of the people, for the people, and by the people is better at management of the public good than a private bank.  I don't think we should take public money and put it into a private bank.  It amazes me she would send this link to me. 

ACA/Obamacare is not the best plan.  We can make it better.  Hell, we should implement President Obama's actual plan.  Yes, the for profit insurance industry would take a hit just like the wagon wheel industry did back in the day.  However we are better for having better transportation and we will be better with single payer.  These people moaning and groaning over the cancellation of their catastrophic insurance polices that have bilked them out of their money, will be okay.  ACA has done good for America since its passage in 2010.  

I am off to sleep for Mama has to work.  We need to stop the misinformation about ACA.  We need healthcare reform in America.  As always read the links.


Koch shit

Whining:  Things didn't go as planned. The plan was to get the ACA provisions that protect consumers from junk policies ended.  Now we have the whining. 

GOP just blocking shit


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