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Meetings are like committees

The items below came from the meeting  President  Obama  had with members  of the current  protests  regarding  the inequality  of law in America via  I have added my comments. 

Among other avenues for change, the group’s demands include:
*The federal government using its power to prosecute police officers that kill or abuse people.

== Civics & Constitution  be returned  to our high  schools. This demand opens the door  for  countless  government  over reach suits.  The first step is to establish it at state level. The people  must vote in local  and state  elections. ==

*Removing local district attorneys from the job of holding police accountable, and instead having independent prosecutors at the local level charged with prosecuting officers.

== Again  another demand that opens  up the Pandora  box of government  over reach . Again people  must take part in local  & state elections . ==

*The establishment of community review boards that can make recommendations for police misconduct, instead of allowing police departments to police themselves.
== Again , naw, do you see the pattern? State and local  elections  music have full  voter participation .  ==

*Defunding local police departments that use excessive force or racially profile.

== Excellent  idea if in reference  to the federal  funds  sent to police departments  via grants .==

*Instead of having the Department of Justice (DOJ) wholesale giving more than $250 million to local police departments annually, DOJ should only fund departments that agree to adopt DOJ best practices for training and meaningful comunity input.
The demilitarization of local police departments.

== Excellent  idea if in reference  to the federal  funds  sent to police departments  via grants .==

*Investing in programs that provide alternatives to incarceration, such as community-led restorative justice programs and community groups that educate people about their rights.

== Excellent  idea.  We can start with My Brother's  Keeper and expand.  The issue  is not there are no programs  but we don't  listen  until someone  is shot.  These programs  need to have metrics  by which community  impact can be quantified.  =

It is good  the meeting  occurred. I hope the word gets to the streets  marching  without  a destination  serves no purpose . When stating the destination  ask what is the best  route?  Having  fair minded  people  in office  is best in my opinion. We need to vote and to run for public  office.

The destination  in the case of the protest  must be for equality  within the law. If there is any other destination  then things will splinter and die.  Unity in action, direction , and thought will bring success .  However  if we don't  vote it all matters not.

The list  taken from ,


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