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To be patriotic

December  25th was the day some Americans  headed out to the local theaters to show love for the nation.  They  did it by watching  a movie  that was a sure box office  flop.  Had not The Interview  been a victim  of hackers attempting  to deny Americans freedom , the movie was a box office failure.  Yet thanks  to North  Korea  and hackers  this movie  will make  millions. 

I'm  not claiming  to be the Miss Cleo of movies but I am good at knowing  when a film will be a box office  hit.  There are times I watch movies  that are not box office  hit but they normally  are movies of some importance  to society.  The Interview holds no societal  importance  and would not have been a box office hit.

I am not a movie snob.  I love movies.  I love  the art  in the process of creating  movies.  I love the writing , story boarding, set creation, cast selection , location selection ,  directing, acting, filming, sound mixing , and the actual  screens used to show a movie.  I love movies.  I will miss a meal  to afford a movie  ticket. Yet, every movie isn't worth watching.

There have been times I wanted to be paid for the time spent watching  a movie on Red Box. When I saw the clips for The Interview, I  knew it would be on my Red Box list.  Yet, I was first in line  for all of the Naked  Gun movies.  The only reason  I didn't  see Pitch Perfect  at theater was because  of illness.  However  I shall see the sequel  at theater. It takes more than flatulence  to make a comedy. 

I took my meal  money to watch The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay.  Had I known  Selma was at theater  before January  9th, I would  have seen it.  Both movies  speak more to being patriotic  than The Interview . The Hunger Games  is timely  for what we are going  through in America.  Wages stagnant  while Wall Street  has been doing well for  few years.  Americans not in the 1% set against  each other by the dangling  of a wage suppressed  job. 

It is my view that if one wished to show his or her patriotism, watching  The Interview  wasn't  the way.  Watch something  that will make you question  the inequality  in the nation. Watch something  that will inspire you to engage with our government.


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