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When numbers matter more than facts

It is important for us to question the information we are given.   This morning after waking, a story of a police officer shot in Ferguson,  Missouri came across my Twitter TL.  My initial reaction was what thug saw an opportunity to make things worse.   After reading the story, I understood why people live in fear in America.

Rather than report a police was shot in the line of duty near Ferguson,  the report was "Police shot in Ferguson".  The issue in Ferguson is getting the usual Mississippi twist.  The twist that says,  " See they are animals and should be gunned down in the streets. "  Sadly there are people who will read the headline ( sensationalism at best and institutional racism at its worst) without reading the story. 

If done for clicks it is sad.  If done as earnest journalism,  we are screwed as a nation.  It is my hope we will have a return to actual reporting rather than rating grabs. 

How Mississippi media plays the story:!b5Zovf


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