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Seriously, WTF is Wrong in Florida

I am at a wondrous loss of ability to fathom what an 11 year old child was doing at a nightclub at 1 AM in 2014.  What is really going on in Florida? 

I love to party. I am not knocking adults partying until whenever. However children out after 1AM, different story.  You may not see a bruise but an 11 year old in club at 1AM is abuse.

I awoke this morning thinking wow I missed SNL again.  When I read of the nightclub shooting,  I thought maybe I am too strict.  I had jump my 17 year old ' s ass the previous night for being awake, in bed, at home, after midnight.   Kids need their sleep.   At 17 if you are not working,  you need to also be in bed after midnight.  

Because of my work and political events, I have had my kids out after 9 pm on occasions.  I felt like a poster child for unfit parenting on those occasions.   I shake my head at the puzzlement that arises when children act out in violent manners.  

It is not a puzzle.   We as parents and a society are at fault.  Nightclubs are not for kids.  There are other areas of improvement but for now starting with basics.


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