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This morning while on Twitter, I was engaged by a troll after I replied to something tweeted by Michelle Malkin.  During the course of the exchange the troll said something to me that gave to me pause.  I logged off Twitter and proceeded to think of the troll's comment to me.  I pondered should I reply and is there value in replying?  The troll asked me if I had ever been homeless.

It was a timely question for I am technically speaking homeless.  Unlike the troll, I don't blame Obama or even Bush for my current housing status.  It was my decision to walk away from a undesirable domestic situation.  In fact I walked away with a kid in tow.   I walked away from the situation knowing it wouldn't help my debt ratio decrease but I walked for my own level of sanity.

I am not living in the house where I paid off the mortgage but sleeping in a spare bedroom at the home of a friend.   I don't complain for even after I walked away from my domestic situation, I have slept in some of the finest hotels, eaten at some of the finest restaurants, and have driven some very nice cars.  I am blessed beyond measure.  However, I am without a home of my own and the peace of living in one's own home.  I look into the eyes of my kids and see the insecurity of not having a home of their own.

My prayers have been to remove the insecurity from their eyes.  My prayers have been to live my life in a way that matters beyond my ego.  It really took a moment for me to think on my current situation.  I live in a rural state where if you don't have a vehicle you are screwed.  I currently don't have a vehicle.  When I am not working, I spend most of my days sitting at home.  Know I don't blame anyone beyond myself for my situation for I have been blessed.  I have made choices and trusted God each time I made those choices.  Yet, it amazed me to encounter a troll who wanted to pull the "homeless" card not knowing with whom she/he was engaging on Twitter. It is my choice each day to either feel sorry about my life or to live it.  This troll seeks to feel sorry and blame Obama for shit Obama didn't do.

 President Obama is not the worst president in our history.  I happen to know, based on what he has accomplished, he is one of the best this nation has had.  I don't agree with everything he does, read my blog archives, but I don't wholesale write him off as the worst.  Yet day in and day out the media tasks him with being Superman while implying "This nigger must be brought down from his high horse."

How can you expect him to accomplish much, although he has, when he is faced with a Congress intent on blocking anything he proposes, a Congress intent on setting him up to catch a case(impeachment), and a media that is a willing accomplice in the setup?  Think for a moment, about the current military action taking place in Syria.  George Bush did not have a coalition but we actually have neighbors of Syria providing troops to fight ISIS.  Have you read any wall to wall coverage of the coalition that has come together to fight ISIS in Syria?

I am thankful to have a President Obama in office at this time.  Had we any other in office we would have been in another undeclared by Congress war 18 months ago. Thankfully we have President Obama in office at a time when members of Congress beat war drums but refuse to hold a session to draft a resolution of war.  These people are given the stage to attack President Obama every day and twice on Sunday but refuse to invoke the powers given to them by the Constitution the love so much.
At some point, the trolls who sit on my TL will understand, they are better off now than they were in 2001 or 2008.  They will come to understand how the tax cuts enacted by Congress at the behest of Bush in 2001 have hurt and continue to cause economic slowdown in our nation.  At some point these trolls will understand all the ACA only regulated the insurance industry.  When these trolls come to understand they have been played by the ultra-wealthy, whose only intent is to stay wealthy, maybe they will vote for candidates who are helping the people and not corporations.

A big thanks to my haters for being my motivators:

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  1. This is walter from Twitter. What you don't understand is that they will never understand or accept president Obama as legitimate. They are still angry about loosing the civil war. The rich got them to fight and die for that one too and they really didn't have a dog in that fight either. The rich just picked up and found a new way to get and stay rich and the poor stayed poor but blaming the other guy. Doesn't that sound familiar?


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