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Reform in a Nation of Immigrants

Quick thought.  President Obama is a 2nd term highest office in the land holder & a natural born U.S. citizen.  Immigration reform is not for him.  It is about the United States doing right for the hell of it.  Those people worried about our borders are more of a threat to the nation than a bus load of children.  

Congress get right. It is 2014 and it still can take up to 20 years to become a citizen.   We needed real reform in 1994.  Stop the grandstanding and just do the right thing. 

Our borders are fine when we allow our trained enforcers of recognized leagal authority to do their jobs. We have enough laws to deal with the punitive side of immigration.   We don't have enough to ease the backlog of applications for citizenship. 

It is not about Obama.  It is about doing right. 


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