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The Day the Patriots Died

The patriots died the day Obama won the election. In truth their collective death began when it became apparent that Obama just may win the election. Their death marked the beginning of another sad chapter in the history of my country. Sitting by the graveside of the patriots was another group who had waited for so long to unleash unmitigated hatred once more in this great land of mine. While many of us looked to the heavens for hope and gave thanks for the greatness of this land, this group prepared for the undermining of the foundations of our nation.

This group claimed to be grassroots yet the only thing “grassroots” about the group has been its ability to appeal to the base need for violence amongst it devotees. Many of the devotees of this group fight against things that would benefit them the most. If it were not for the sad tragedy of watching those addicted to hate fight against an imaginary monster, one would laugh at the bricks, name calling, and spittle that fly from the devotees of this group. It is sad to watch these addicts behave as they do while the pushers of blind hatred (liberal media) increase their financial coffers.

As I watched a special on the television about 9/11, I wondered if we could have foreseen then the crap we are now seeing daily in the media? During 9/11 the Jews and the Muslims worked together to save our fellow citizens. Today, the Gentiles will not work together to save our country. When the people on United flight 93 realized that our country was under attack they took action to protect our nation. They did not worry about losing their lives. They worried about what the attacks meant for other Americans. They put their trust in God and rolled on to stop another attack on our country.

Today as my state looks at oil coming to its shores without having had the benefit of tax revenue from the oilrig to fill its coffer, I think about the patriots. I pray for the "real" patriots to rise from the dead and fight off the corporations that are attempting to run our government. I pray they step forward to remind those bent on hate that immigration was the engine that made this country great. I pray they step forward to remind the government officials of the "government for the people by the people". I pray they are able to elevate the minds of low level thinking individuals who seek chaos in our great nation.


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