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Tire(d) of Walmart

Two weeks ago, I decided I had had my fill of Walmart’s ineptitude when it came to my vehicle. I got my truck in 1999. I have used Walmart, because of price, to supply all the tires for my truck since 2000. I was, once more, infuriated to learn that my purchase history was incorrect. Previously my address\phone information had not been updated as requested. Prior to the address change incident oil was not placed into my vehicle after an oil change ( I caught that error right away). Two weeks ago, I learned a tire I had purchased and had installed at Walmart was not listed under my purchase history. In fact, the tire’s DOT number was not listed at all. I was left in a pickle due to my error in relying on Walmart to have accurate records of my vehicle service.

I had taken my truck to Walmart to have a flat repaired if possible and if not possible, to have my spare placed on my truck until, I was ready to purchase a full set of tires. My spare, by the way, is a full-size tire I purchased from Walmart. I got a huge run around because the DOT number on the tire did not appear beneath my purchase history. I attempted to reason with the co-manger, Johnny(Columbia, MS), that if all of my other tire purchases showed road hazard and warranty why would I, a female, purchase a tire to install on my vehicle myself? As he stated to me the DOT number is not recorded unless the tire is install on the vehicle. I showed to him the rather long nails on my hands and asked if he really thought I would put a tire on my vehicle.

I could not reason with the co-manager, who was intent on explaining why Walmart could do not thing for me to me. He used the correct words but had no empathy for my situation. He was persistent in wasting paper by printing out my history in order to show to me why Walmart could do nothing for me. The needless death of trees to fuel a useless point had me extremely tired of co-manager Johnny, Walmart, and my insistence on believing that people\companies change. I finally said to him enough I understand Walmart cannot do anything for me.

The sad part of this matter is how three weeks earlier I was attempting to convince a friend to buy tires from Walmart for she would be able to get service anywhere she traveled. She chose to go with a local Goodyear dealer whose prices were higher because of her disdain for Walmart’s service center. In the end, I shall also go with the same Goodyear dealer. Sometimes you get the service for which you pay. I expected too much (relational database, documentation of tires sold, etc…) from Walmart.


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