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GOP Healthcare Reform

This thought was done on the fly from my iPhone Match 31.
If the new health care law will hurt job, the economy and increase the deficit as claimed by the GOP, why are they not pushing harder for a repeal of this new law? I may just be too country to understand why someone or a group would allow something so detrimental to our nation to occur without putting up a fight to the death. Such behavior is as bad as getting a memo on 9/11 prior to the attack and then doing nothing. My words are not meant to alarm but to make Americans ask questions if those who seek to keep them in a constant excititory state. It is well known that when a person is in a state of excitement be the source anger, hate, or love his/her level of compentency is lowered.
Update to this March 31 thought. The healthcare reform bill after much unncessary wrangling has been pushed through Congress. We have issues at home and abroad that deserve our attention yet the GOP is still attempting to make healthcare reform an issue. We need healthcare reform. It should come as public option and not something that will provide massive kickbacks to Athen or Unitedhealth Care. However we have what we have. It continues to boggle my mind why the GOP would be against healthcare reform. Why they did not attempt to do something during their almost 20 year control of Congress about healthcare. It was no scerect then that we were about to have a huge aging population. Why do they fight something that will aid 85percent of Americans directly and 100 indirectly? The GOP continues to hype how the reform will hurt businesses yet the largest U.S. employer , Walmart, has not made a sqwak about the reform. Then again a majority of Walmart employees use public health programs. It is time for us as Americans to think. Stop being a tool. I am not against the GOP most if my family think I vote straight GOP. I am against anything that causes turmoil just to suit it's ego. GOP get a real issue that harms Americans.


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