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Are we now Egypt

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We must wake-up people before it is too late for our nation.

Recently on the History Channel I watched a show about the old west, “Cowboys and Outlaws”. The premise of the show was about cattle barons in Wyoming killing homesteaders. The show’s highpoint, in my view, was the description of how the cattle barons hired gunslingers from Texas to kill homesteaders. A local sheriff decided after the death of two homesteaders to not allow the gunslingers to kill anymore homesteaders. However, one of the gunslingers was able to get word to then President Harding who sent out the cavalry to rescue the gunslingers from the hands of the sheriff.

As I watched the show, I thought how history often repeats itself when people choose not to learn from history. I look at the current position of our nation. Those who have power to alter our path for the best choose not to do so. In fact they choose to do the bidding of their corporate sponsors to ensure limit access to the American dream.

The latest effort to limit the power of the people by those in power is to reduce control of Congress to 12 people. How is it we have allowed our country to concentrate power in the hands of only 12 out of the 535 elected officials?



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