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Confusion in the midst

Dear Readers,

I thank you for your support and your readership. As you know I write to give voice to my frustration with what I see as an attack on the liberties of the American people by corporations and the minions of those corporations. Last night I was totally confused by what I read about the "Deal" in regards to the debt ceiling. I have been confused for several weeks. It is hard for me to understand the raising of the debt ceiling in support of war mongering but not for the welfare of the American people. What type of nation are we that we can not care for the least amongst us?

This morning my coffee does not tastes as sweet or bring with it the normal comfort I find in its warmth. I wish I could say I felt betrayed but I do not. If you are a regular reader of my column then you know it is good for me to be wrong about something. When my super sensitive BS meter is right about something it is not good for humanity. My meter has been going off since June of 2008.

Last night after the "Deal's" details were made known, many people stated they wold not vote. I say to those people not voting is the reason we are in the mess we are in now. TP think 2010 was a mandate and apparently so do some in DC. I say 2010 was not a mandate it was apathy. We must get out to vote not only in 2012 but this year as well. We must fill our statehouses and local districts with true progressives. Progressives who are not afraid to lead and to act. We do not need anymore politicians telling us to remain calm when we have a loaded gun in our face. It is up to us to find these people and to put them into office.

I do not have the answers. I am frustrated. I am willing to work with anyone who has a true desire to help the people. I do not seek to lead or to be in charge. I desire to help my nation live up to its potential.


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