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America Listen to what they are saying

Contract with America, spells out in D.C. English what the GOP desires for the middle class, the working poor, and the poor. Today, Boehner in one of his tweets lamented the fight the Democrats put up to keep Medicare. He blamed the ruckus over the debt ceiling on the Democrats refusal to cut Medicare. (

People if you are not listening at least read. The Tea Party has managed to hijack the government of the United States. Their demands are complete protection of the assets of the wealthy. In turn they will allow us to have substandard living that is slightly above that of people who have not encountered Western civilization.

If we do not say anything then we should not expect things to change. We must say something. Last night the people in WI spoke at the polls. Although the GOP managed to win back most of the seats, the people spoke. We must continue speaking. We must speak at the polls, the dinner table, the statehouses, and in the halls of D.C., we must speak now.


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