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Life is Good

I have veggie chili in the crock pot and wine in my hand. My child is making A's life is good.

Yet in the midst of the good life I think of the trouble on the horizon. A hurricane threatens the Eastern seaboard and the IMF threatens world domination.

How did I go from wine to IMF domination? Simple, watching television. In the middle of giving thanks it hit me how blessed I am to have grown up on the edge of the Empire. While I do not advocate world domination I benefit from the imperialistic actions of my nation. Yea! Me. I comfort myself with the knowledge that if Jesus wanted me poor I would not have been born on the edge of the empire.

Yet something gnaws at my insides when I see the oil laden Sudan split and put itself at the mercy of the IMF. Seeing Libya poised to become the next to suckle at the teet of the IMF stirs something inside of me. I desire to scream to shout to them of the grave error they are making. Yet my selfish need to enjoy my latte in an air conditioned lounge stills my tongue. Maybe my inner Christ will one day move me to speech.

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