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Ole Susanna don't you cry...You now have birth control

I am having a very hard time understanding the uproar over insurance companies being required to cover birth control without copay. My initial lack of comprehension comes from trying to justify insurance companies long coverage of Viagra but steadfast refusal to cover birth control. I am further confused by the uproar when one considers the underfunding of Planned Parenthood which provided birth control for many young women. I am even more confused by the "holier-than-thou" women who are taking to the media outlets to denounce private insurance being required to cover birth control. These same people would deny social benefits to people while insisting these people not engage in birth control. They have some romance about yesteryear that does not match up with the reality of yesteryear.

If anyone takes offense to my next set of words so be it. I am speaking my personal truth.

It is hard as a woman to move quickly up the career ladder when you are a "real" parent. I have turned down job offers so I could be assured of being able to attend football, soccer, and band recitals. It is not often that men even when married to the mother choose to not work certain jobs in order to be with their children.

I see this opposition as nothing more than yet another demand to control women. I see the women who are adding their voices against birth control as being deficient. Just as I would not aid someone in carjacking, I as a woman would not insist that another woman not use birth control.


(Jason Jones' on air vasectomy very funny)


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