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Wake up America Part 4

Environmental, health, safety, and socioeconomic concerns associated with oil recovery from U.S. tar-sand deposits: State-of-knowledge

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I know very well how tough times are in America. However, if I am not willing to sell my body to feed my family why would I sell my country? I am depending on my children and my friends' children being able to live off the land for generations to come. If we sell out now to various energery concerns that will only pollute our land then how can we expect our children's chlidren to be able to live off the land? We need solutions to energy demands but the tar sands are not the answer and building a pipeland across the pristine mid-west is not the answer for job creation.

I enjoy eating but polluting our fields and streams is not the way to create jobs. We need the "job creators" to go back to the drawing borad. Also, why is there no press coverage over the protests of the tar sands? Why is the protest not being televised by the "liberal media". The media is about as liberal as I am a super underwear model. Trust me, me in my undies is not pretty. Once again the coverage is coming from the UK on matters of importance to our nation, why?

We must wake up to what is being done in our nation. If we sleep on this matter our children will not be able provide for their children.



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