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Republican Strategy

This morning on C. Armanpour I heard the most ridiculous statement of my day; “John Huntsman while appealing to a majority of Americans will not appeal to the majority of Republicans.” I am paraphrasing the statement for I am blind in one eye and barely seeing out of the other. Frank Luntz made my head spin faster than the “Ryan Budget Plan”.

I am seriously sitting at my local McD’s on my second cup of coffee and my head is still spinning. He, Luntz, went on to state how Paul Ryan or Chris Christie would be good candidates. I thought in my uber-liberal heart, “please let Ryan or Christie be the Republican choice.” In the spirit of competition I could not understand why if the Republicans really wanted to win they do not make the two Mormons the frontrunners. (Tongue now stuck in cheek) Seriously the only Republican candidates with a chance to unseat Obama, other than the Bizzaro Obama from a parallel universe, would be Romney or Huntsman. They both have proven that they understand the center where most Americans live.

The last words I heard from Luntz’s mouth were along the lines of negative politics. He stated Huntsman was shooting himself in the foot by being negative (honest) about other Republicans. He stated that Republican voters did not wish to hear negativity (truth). Republicans, according to Luntz were more concerned with taking down Obama. My world spun out of control and I awoke sitting in McDonalds at my laptop. WTL (What the Love). Did I just hear Luntz say the Republican strategy was to unseat Obama?!!!?? What about jobs? What about education? What about fixing our infrastructure (technical and physical)? Who are these people? Do they really hate Obama so much they are willing to sink our nation in the process?


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