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Forget India

If this posting offends you so be it.  Some days one just has to say what one feels or is thinking.

Today I am thinking what the hell, India. Another rape?

If the government of India is cavalier in regards to the welfare of women then it is time we pressure American companies to withdraw.  I do not wish to have people who have little regards for the welfare of women here in America on H2B visas doing jobs that can be done by Americans.

I am open to all cultures.  I am closed to the abuse of women.  I do not care what form, I am against the abuse of women and any government that tolerates such behaviors.  I have issues in my state of Mississippi with my governor.  He is for women not being allowed in the job market.  It seems he  would be ok if women were domestic servants just not sitting in the board rooms.

Enough is enough.  It is time to come together to end the degradation of women around the world. 

Where not to go for vacation or business

Because they are women is the answer

Hell, I don't trust this one either.


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