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How do I say bite me ...gubna? Offensive post

I wish I were writing this blog posting in great shock but alas I am not.  My governor, Phil Bryant, has done it again.  It seems he attacks women more than Paul does in the Bible.  His latest attack is nothing more than the vibrations of the GOP's far right wing's desires.  Translation of GOP's far right wing is not Tea Party, but scared white men.  Yes, yes she wrote it and meant it. 
I am tired of these games with the lives of women in America.  We are not some third world nation.  If women in this nation are forced back into third class status, this nation will become third world.  A sure fire recipe for failure is to oppress women.  Best example would be the Middle East, the place where civilization was born (his-story). 
My governor’s comments are in alignment with the legislation he has supported and pushed in the state of Mississippi.  I laughed at his attempts to claim he is not understood correctly.  We understand him well for he has shown us time and time again just who he is.  The issue is when will these po’ people in Mississippi stop voting for people such as him?  He has gotten into the big house and has forgotten what it means to be po’.  He is speaking as if every Mississippian has the option to stay home.  If it was not for the fact he is so freaking uptight and controlling I would think he was on meth, however; I know it is just the controlling nature.  I am sure the Lt. Governor Tate would love for the governor to become a meth head.  It is hard to work next door to a control freak.
Every piece of legislation Bryant has “felt the call of God” to support deals with controlling women.  He evens has plantation delusions by attempting to control access to healthcare for the poor. (Bryant has attributed his opposition to Medicaid expansion to his view that the program disincentivizes people “to find a better job, or to go back to school, or to get [into] a workforce training program.” (

Allow me to get real with you for a moment.  Mississippi is a state where even with both parents working the median income is still under $40K.  My governor is acting as if women have never worked outside the home in Mississippi.  My grandmother worked outside the home, my mother worked outside the home, I work outside the home and we did not start the trend.  In fact women in my family work outside the home, in the home and around the home.  Waiting for someone to take care of you makes as much sense as waiting for Santa as a grown ass woman.  Bryant has lost his ever loving mind.  What an ass.
If he had stated lazy parents, drugs, alcohol or something along those lines, I could roll with him.  However to make a statement that has no validity even on the surface is careless for a man in his position.  His statement makes the entire state (he was elected by more than 50%) look back-ass-woods-backwards.  Mississippians, I say we need to be smarter in our picking of leadership.  This group of possums, in the statehouse, has done nothing but push our state back 80 years.  We can and must do better.

If you desire a more politically correct response to the governor’s stupidity please read below the Democratic Chair’s words.  If you read my blog you know I am not correct by a long-shot.  We are in too deep to keep being nice to jerks in suits elected to office.
JUNE 4, 2013 (601) 316-1356 or (601) 969-2913
JACKSON-Yet again the goofiest governor in America has embarrassed Mississippians before a national audience, and this time he has insulted generations of working Mississippi mothers as well.
Speaking earlier today, Phil Bryant told a national audience that the reason for American educational mediocrity is "I think both parents started working. The mom got in the workplace."
Just exactly how out of touch with reality does a candidate have to be in order to become the Republican governor of Mississippi? Throughout the two hundred year history of our state, most mothers have been forced by necessity to work as breadwinners for their families. Whether that work took place in the fields, in the logwoods, as domestic workers, as teachers, as nurses, as factory workers, in food service, in retail or in many other fields of arduous work, the mothers of Mississippi have been bringing home the bacon since Mississippi began. The 1950’s “Father Knows Best” picket fence middle-class family myth has never been an option for most Mississippians. A lot more Mississippi mothers have had callouses of hard work than have ever had manicures. The “happy housewife” has always been the exception in hard-times Mississippi, and if Mr. Bryant had been paying attention to most of the lives of most of the people of this state, he would know that.
On behalf of Mississippi Democrats, I salute and express profound appreciation to the generations of working mothers who have done so much to build the economy, society and culture of our state. It has been the working mothers who have seen to the education of their children and the children of many others, as well. It is the working mothers of today who are providing the labor and leadership essential to making Mississippi a better place, when even now working women are making only seventy-seven cents on the dollar when compared to men. The working mothers of our state deserve a state leadership that will fight for equal pay for equal work, instead of allowing this insulting income gap to continue while blaming hard-working mothers for the failures of our educational system.
Phil Bryant owes the working mothers of our state an apology. A good first step in that apology would be for him to support a Lilly Ledbetter Act for Mississippi.

Vernon W. Hartley, Information Director
Mississippi Democratic Party
832 North Congress Street
Jackson MS 39202

601.969.2913 - Office
601.354.1599 - Fax
Yellow Dog Democrat

Here are the words of Rep. Wasserman-Schultz.  Once again she is also too kind.  I just wish I could get these guys to say, “Motherfucker get a grip and not a gripe”.  Seriously for I know if we do not say it he will say another off the cuff (true colors) remark in which he will find no offense.  It is time to call him and his followers on their shit.

When he was asked at an event earlier this week to explain how American education became "so mediocre," Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant said, "I think both parents started working. And the mom is in the workplace."

As a working mom, these comments infuriate me -- working moms do so much for our families and communities. And we're responsible for a lot. We are most certainly not responsible for any supposed decline in public education.

If you're as appalled as I am, join me in letting Governor Bryant know.

Over the past week, there's been a lot of nonsense spewed by those on the right about the "troubling" fact that more women are breadwinners. But you expect that sort of bloviating from right-wing talking heads -- you don't expect it from United States governors.

Working moms -- all moms -- deserve respect and appreciation. They don't deserve to be made scapegoats by people like Governor Bryant.

Join me today, and let him know that this is unacceptable:



Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee

Not jobs, education or healthcare
Stacking the deck


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