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I subscribe to crazy and low morals ...pol

Okay, I may not watch Faux News but I do take one for the team in my own way.  I am posting an email from David Vitter. 

On my way to get headache Rx.  


Dear Friend,
I’ve told you before about a government welfare program that hands out free cell phones. And I think many of you agree - the program is fraud-ridden and wasteful. I didn’t think it could get more outrageous, but a recent investigative report reveals that folks giving out these free cell phones don’t even check that the recipients are using them. Those receiving the cell phones can easily go back and get another one, or worse, go out and sell those phones. In this investigative report, the phones were handed out to people who said they planned to sell the phones to buy drugs, shoes, handbags or extra spending cash. Click here to watch investigative video footage.
Here’s the scam: if you own a phone and pay your bill, the federal government forces you to pay a fee on every phone bill. That money you’re forced to pay is then used to fund the program that hands out cell phones as welfare – obviously with little to no oversight. And then, a cell phone company gets paid – almost $10 per phone. They obviously want to keep the program alive to keep receiving their corporate welfare coming.
It’s safe to say this phone program has expanded far beyond its original intent. Having Washington force people to pay for free cell phones for others is offensive enough, but the waste, fraud and abuse is beyond words.

Click here to watch a recent interview where I discuss my efforts to end this cell phone welfare program.
This sort of unchecked government program is completely irresponsible and takes advantage of Americans playing by the rules and paying their phone bills. To fix this, I’ve introduced legislation that would end subsidies for free cell phone services but would keep the landline service intact, which was the original intent for the program.
Welfare was meant to be a helping hand in hard times, not a program to offer luxury items -- and welfare certainly isn’t meant to be sold in exchange for luxury items either. The abuse of this program has to stop.
I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on these and other issues important to you. Please contact me with your ideas at any of my state offices or in my Washington office. You can also reach me online at
David Vitter Signature
David Vitter
United States Senator

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