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Not Alone

This morning as I enjoyed coffee, I read the newsfeed on FB and the tweets on Twitter. What I was able to surmise is I am not alone.

This morning there were many online questioning the budget cuts. These people were asking the same questions as I. What about foreign aid? What about defense budget? What about corporate welfare? What about those 2001 tax cuts?

The biggest question was why are we not mad as hell? The protests in Tunsinia, Egypt, and the UK have been about the disparity in income. Unemployed around the world are pissed. The working poor worldwide are furious. Worldwide these people are so upset they are taking to the streets. They march risking life and income to have freedom from financial oppression. However, in our land of the free we stay sequestered in our homes from a painful reality. We are not free. We fear speaking out lest that one loaf of bread in our Christian homes is taking away by our corporate masters. The only thing we said when Obama did not get the 2001 tax cuts to end was he failed. No we failed. We failed to get out and to speak out about the continuation of Reagan policies that have upset our financial house of cards.

We can not hold the president to the fire when we are not speaking up for our needs. Although we do not control the media we are larger in number than those who do. It is time we take a stand. We must stand without fear and speakout now.
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