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Nation Building in a Mixed World

The events unfolding in Egypt are more about a world without borders than just simple freedoms of a people. As I watch the United States and Israel sit on the fence watching, I laugh. I laugh at world leaders who are not getting IT. IT is the realization that the Internet has made it a small world after all. The United States and Israel sit in worry that a Muslim, I hate Israel regime, will replace Mubarak. The truth is those people sleeping and marching on the square are not looking for such a regime. If you were to ask those in the square they would say they do not live to see Jewish people dead. They would voice a strong dislike for the racist Israeli policies that keep non-Jews oppressed in Israel.

World leaders must understand we are a small world. The Internet has allowed us to communicate beyond physical, sexual, religious, and political boundaries. Our communication has allowed us to acquire a view point that extends beyond our noses. Our worldwide friendships over the Internet have us seeking peace more and war less. Only those stuck in the 19th century manifest destiny mentality spend their hours in fear of war. Those ready for the new century desire peace and the freedom to enjoy that peace.

Revolution is here. It will go worldwide The old guard must prepare to leave. The people are tired of war, fear, and death. The revolution will not be stopped with lies and tricks. Only freedom, peace, and respect will end it. No more are nations being built. In this new world it is about the people.

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