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In God We Trust

This morning as I was taking my son to school, I noticed the tag on a vehicle from Indiana. The motto on the tag was In God We Trust. I immediately thought back to the fights on the motto being on our currency. I then thought how for all the fighting over words we do not have the actions to backup the words.

We spent years during actual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan debating the motto, 10 commandments, and if this nation was founded to be a Christian nation. We spent so much time debating that we forgot to backup the words of our debates.

I truly have to ask how many people actually trust God? We invade Iraq on a pre-emotive basis to beat terrorism. When we failed to have another Muslim extremist choreographed attack on American soil we beat our chests claiming out might. I can not recall a head bowed in thanks to God. We have placed our trust in military might rather than in the "God" we use to beat others.

I find something amiss with such inconsistencies between words and actions. It is especially disturbing when it is the ruling bodies of our nation engaging in such rhetoric and actions. I feel as if my faith is being used by those who are not faithful to achieve their own personal goals.

I look forward to the day when those who cry lord lord backup their cries with actions based on a sincere trust in God

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