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Games rich people play

I know I am not the only person forgoing SNL for C-SPAN tonight.  I watched to see if the rich people in the House of Representatives, on a government sponsored healthcare plan, would really vote for a bill crafted to end access to healthcare for many in the working classes.  The House GOP has spent so much Koch money to gin up support for the underfunding of the Affordable Healthcare Act I am jealous.  Jealous for that is money that could have been spent ginning support for our sub-par infrastructures in America.  However they have wasted time and money to defeat a law that has survived 40 something attempts of nullification.  Games rich people pay.

I continue to think of a line from a Sheryl Crow song, "....I can't afford your gas....".  At the time of this writing, I have $28 dollars in my account and I drive 120 miles each day to work; do the math.  I can't afford this gas coming from DC to subsidize those whose money is longer than my own.  I ask which of the items of the ACA have caused the GOP to craft a bill designed to create gridlock in DC?  Is it the ability to keep our young adults on our policies until age 26?  Is it the elimination of lifetime coverage limits? Is it the removal of fines for pre-existing conditions? Maybe it is the preventive healthcare coverage?

What is the deal with the GOP?  They are working overtime to create a crisis.  They have attempted to do pre-shutdown damage control but have failed to stick anything on President Obama.  In their desperation they have attempted to revive Benghazi.  Seriously GOP?  Ted "GreenEggsAndHam" Cruz killed any chance Americans believed the GOP has our interests at heart.  Between his "showboating" and the direct from Koch talking points the people are seeing today's GOP as little more than corporate sock puppets.  To save these multinational corporations from having a 1-2% increase in taxes to cover healthcare, they will shutdown the United States government.  Games rich people play.  I can't afford their gas.


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