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Childish Moment

Every now and then, I know I am being childish.  I give in to those moments for suppression does not work.  Saturday, as I sat at my mother's house cleaning her computer, for free, again, I had a childish moment.  That moment came when President Obama handed the call to engage in war back to Congress. Although war is a serious contemplation, I stood up and did the "Church Lady" dance.  The dance wasn't pretty but neither are the political games being played when it comes to Syria.

Allow me to go on record as stating, I have marched against wars in my lifetime.  I was given a medical discharge during Desert Storm I from the Navy.  I do not believe in interfering in the fights of other nations.  However, if the people of those nations, the people not the politicians, reach out to us I think we should respond.  America was built on the backs of people from around the world.  America has oppressed those people who have built this nation. However, international support helped those people survive in this land.  Support does not have to be bombing but there is something we can do to help the Syrian people who have been asking for help for over a year.  We as a nation, not some demi-god, should make this decision to commit our resources to violence.  When we as a nation do not come together to commit to war we don't win.  Check out the history of this nation.  It takes all of us on board to make something happen in America.

Congress, for better or worse, represents the voices of Americans.  Congress and Congress alone should have the power to involve us in war and its many derivatives.  We should not have undeclared wars that last for 12 years.  If we topple a regime we should have something to replace the pillar of that society.  Even despots provided some type of stability for the people.  We do not need a repeat of Afghanistan or Iraq where women's rights have eroded since our invasion.  My heart beats for the assault on the people of Syria yet I know without a plan we will only make things worse for the people of Syria.

President Obama , on Saturday, did what we the people wanted Bush to do in 2001 take it to the people.  We must think before we act.  We must investigate the evidence before we act.  The voices of the people must be heard before we act. I do not envy the President or Congress.  Given the oppressive histories of the American people we can all have empathy for those in Syria.  We must balance our empathy with the reality of our actions.  May God be with us and they people of Syria at this time. 


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