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Liberal Moaning

Take a moment to read the title link. Here it is again.

Recently, I have engaged in a conversation with a few people on FB whose statements seem to be little more than road blocks put on the highway to stop any progressive movement in Mississippi. If these people are not moles planted to derail a growing liberal movement in Mississippi then I apologize. However, their collective behavior is indicative as to why the Tea Party made some gains in 2010.

Although some would find it strange that I a granola eating tree hugging single mother, with aging parents, and a black lesbian living in Mississippi would vote for a Republican, I do not. There are times when I vote based on the greater good rather than my own key personal issues. I grew-up in a collective society within America that requires one to see beyond one's own nose. Many times Progressives/Liberals are only able to see what is in their immediate world. They become so focused on the immediate they forget how to plan for the none immediate. The Tea Party/Koch brothers have planned far far ahead to keep control of the resources of America. Why are we not planning for an America that allows everyone to live the dream?

In Mississippi we have one of the more interesting race for governor I have seen. We have a black man, whom I believe won because of massive cross over voting, running on the Democratic ticket and we have an current elected official, who has shown how he is willing to balance the state's budget on the backs of the poor and the working poor, running on the GOP ticket. To ensure a large turnout amongst the white population an amendment for person-hood is on the ballot. (Basically an amendment that runs counter to Mississippi law to make abortions illegal)

I have stated several times over I am not for anyone who desires to oppress any person. So my being against this particular GOP gaining office should be no surprise. My GOP horse did not get out the gate although he had the most detailed plan to raise Mississippi out of the swamp of ignorance. The Dem horse I had been riding was shot by cross-over voting. So I am left with two horses that look the same with the exception of the name. However there is one difference between the horses; one thinks of itself as an equestrian god and the other knows it is because of God it exist. This difference in thought means one will listen and the other will only attempt to pacify the constituents of Mississippi.

I am not a dog and a bone will not pacify me. I am unrepentant in my push to keep this GOP candidate out of office. Yet, there are those who say they are progressive yet they continue to only see roadblocks on our road to a better Mississippi. They refuse to use their valuable time seeking solutions. They would rather moan and groan about their lots in life while demanding someone kisses their asses. As much as I enjoy having my ass kissed at this point in my life I am too busy working to improve Mississippi to keep it still long enough for anyone to kiss it.

These people represent the same people who listened to the GOP media in 2010 and then chose to either not to vote or to vote for an unknown independent. There are times when an independent will win. However those independents have a huge name recognition and run on a message that reaches across party and racial lines. As I engage with these people on FB I could not help but to wonder if they were Tea Party plants to stop the progression of the liberal movement in Mississippi that is gaining ground.

Mississippi is changing. White men and black women are no longer having to meet on dark roads in cotton fields. Wiccans are out in the open about their faith. Mexicans own businesses and speak Spanish in the open. None blacks are even putting up signs to vote for black candidates. Yet for all of its change Mississippi is still at times the Mississippi of movie lore.

I desire a Mississippi where the children do not feel the need to flee the state for a better life. I desire a Mississippi where homosexuals do not feel afraid to worship in the church openly. I desire a Mississippi that is open to people who love Star Trek( just wanted to see if you were awake). In sum I desire to see Mississippi being progressive and not following by gone trends or staying stuck in the past. I know we can make it happen but we must plan now for what we desire 10 to 20 years from now. We can not plan if we allow ourselves to become mired in petty issues. Rather than focus on our disappointment with the choices for governor we need, as Progressiveness, need to come together to support the candidate most likely to be willing to listen to us. We need to start to court viable candidates to prepare for the races ahead. We need to educate the population on their rights as citizens and on how the state's money is really being spent. Heated debates without substance yield nothing. Bring a plan not just a sob story. Let's work it out for the good of the state.



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