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Ours to lose

I have reached that point. I must be honest by saying that point includes my financial information being changed without my consent. I am now in a financial bind because of no access to my finances. All of that aside, I spent the last of my spare cash on a political donation for a candidate running for statewide office in Mississippi. Now as to the point I have reached, it is the point of being pissed with people who clamor for change but do nothing to facilitate that change. President Obama has finally come out swinging and I am pulling eye-teeth to get people to just call Congress to support the president. I mean really. These are the same people who are upset with Congress and demand more of President Obama but they will not spend 5 minutes on the phone. They will spend hours on Twitter, Facebook, or talking with me but they will not call Congress. People we have a problem. If we do not get the change we desire it is on us. It is not the fault of anyone but us. There is only so much corporate controlled media can do when faced with the determination of a people who desire not only change but progression to a sustainable future for the United States. We have access offline and online to circumvent traditional media outlets that have kept the progressive message silent in America; reason the majority is silent. We must use that access to achieve a better future for our nation. We are not people who cheer the death of those on death row or chant "let'em die when it comes to the uninsured". We are a people that understand building a nation takes building of all of the people. Should we sit on our collective butt then we will get what we get. Get up people. Do something to create the change you desire. The Tea Party people have gotten up to create short sighted change. In Mississippi we have a candidate running for office ,who is actually over qualified for the position, doing most of her own support work. When I learned of her struggle, I was very pissed off. We have someone who did not have to return home to Mississippi but chose to do so. She does not have to work in the public sector but is choosing to do so. Yet we, the Progressives in Mississippi, are making her do her own support work, WTL?!?!?! It is no wonder that some Democrats in Mississippi choose to run as Republicans. Republican voters support their candidates no matter what asinine terror filled thoughts the candidate presents. Why are Progressives afraid to speak out and to help out candidates who are sound and logical people? If I seem a bit angry, I am. Seeing such inaction in Mississippi in regards to a candidate who is one of the best running for any office in Mississippi in many years is sad. Also, not having access to my money when I need to fill my tank is very upsetting. People, we can do this. We must get up off our duffs and just do it. Talking is great but action is better. Push has come to shove not just in Mississippi, not just in America but worldwide. Checkout this link: She is overqualified for the job but we need her in Mississippi. We need more Mississippians such as her to return home to make this state better.


  1. Thank you for stating what DAMN WELL needed to be said; something I have been fuming about for quite some time now! Thank you!


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