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Respecting the Prez

NASCAR drivers not showing up after White House invite. This headline shows a few issues in our nation. I admit I had little respect for the Bush administration but I was and still am opposed to the wars. However in all of my disgust with the Bush administration, I did not exhibt the disprespect shown to President Obama.

The last time I saw a preident so disrepected without cause was Bill Clinton. Is there something against poor people or people of color occupying the White House? Is the White House only for rich white males?

President Obama has done nothing to deserve the level of disprect of he has received. People must move past a black man occupying the White House. If his own party would back him and if the GOP would stop inciting racial ignornace against him, this country could actually move forward.

These slights against President Obama do nothing for any of us. Boehner's insistence that a GOP debate is more important than actually listening to President Obama's job plan was a signal as to the root cause of the mess in which we continue to swim. When we can overcome raciism long enough to fix this country we will be much better off.

I am now off to cut some tree limbs before Lee blows them into my home.


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