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A Mississippi Moment

Yesterday on FB I was privy to a most interesting dialogue regarding the governor's race in Mississippi. There are people actually planning on not voting in the upcoming elections. I understand their questioning of the Black Democratic nominee's commitment to ideals important to Progressives. I am often confused myself as to why Blacks vote Democratic given many of the ideas vocalized by Republicans are often preached in Black homes. Although one can not tell by the numbers of Blacks in single parent homes, who are a teenage parent or even the disproportionate number of Blacks incarcerated, the Black community is very conservative on certain issues. Yet when faced with having a platform vague Democrat or a known social services, school staffing, medicaid cutting Republican in office, I shall support the vague Democrat.

I am a staunch independent. I normally will vote 3rd party. However when faced with the knowledge that a race is of vital importance and will require all hands on deck, I shall not be able to vote 3rd party. Mississippi can not afford to have the disastrous policies used to "balance" the budget of the state on the backs of the poor and the working poor continue. The Republican candidate not only implemented those policies but drafted some of them as well.

Yes, it is a case of the lesser of two evils. I in fact was not a supporter of the current Democratic nominee because I questioned his "progressive" leaning. Yet, I shall vote for him given what his opponent has shown how he will govern Mississippi. There are many counting on the Progressives staying home in order to serve up a win for conservative policies. We can not allow 2010 Mid Term to happen in Mississippi 2011. There is a time to take a 3rd party stand and then there is a time to just vote for the lesser of two evils. Should the Republican candidate become governor of Mississippi, we can look forward to more of the same.



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