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GOP not aiding in the storms of American life

Thanks to my FB buddy Mary for pumping up my blog. Since she put it on blast with Crooks And Liars (, I decided to drive the 10 miles to town to update this blog using my laptop. Thanks Mary for the shout out.

Another motivator for my updating tonight after a long day at work is the title link. There seems to be a high cost for getting a clue that Cantor does not wish to pay. Must we suffer for his lack of knowledge? He is a victim of the same misinformation that plagues many in America.

A young man in his 20's said today he would not be able to retire until he was 90. I had to say something to him. 1. The amount of FICA taken out of a person's check does not equate to the amount that person receives in SSI payments. 2. Warren Buffett can not turn FICA into a small living in 50 years. 3. If he is able to work at 90 then give thanks that his body has not given into the trials of time. This young man is a victim of Faux News and the Wall Street bankers who are salivating over the opportunity to risk FICA on the market.

I also got a little more misinformation in my inbox tonight from the GOP.
The title of the email is misleading. We must contact Congress. They are still playing games.

e-Update: President Failing to Act on Job Creation


More to me

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Senator Johanns e-Update

September 14, 2011

On the Senate floor this morning, I led a discussion with my colleagues urging President Obama to submit to Congress the pending trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia. Enacting these three agreements would open new markets to our producers and add a quarter-million jobs here at home, pumping billions in new revenue into our economy. For nearly two years, the President has signaled he would move these agreements forward, yet he has failed to submit them to Congress for action. I will continue to push for their arrival in Congress.

Also today I appeared on Fox Business to discuss the three bills I introduced last week that would ease regulatory burdens on our farms and small businesses. The regulatory overkill of this Administration has created too much uncertainty for our job creators and impaired their ability to expand and grow. My legislation to slow down the slew of federal regulations would free up much-needed capital and allow our job creators to start hiring again.

Johanns Urges President to Submit
Pending Trade Agreements to Congress

Senator Johanns e-Update

Live on Fox Business to Discuss his
Bills to Ease Regulatory Burdens

I would write more but I have spent all day working for Da Man and must now drive the 10 miles home. Well first I must stop at the Walmart to stimulate my local economy.


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