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Backwards is as backwards does

Warning if you click on the title link you will cry or feel a sense of anger. You may do both. I am positing a handbill I created against Proposition 26 in Mississippi. This proposition in short order is to make abortions illegal. Rather than have the state to endure the cost of an unnecessary legal battle, it would be best if Mississippians voted No on Proposition 26.

Let the facts speak for themselves in regards to what we as Mississippians and as Americans need to have on our minds more than we do abortion.


Children in Mississippi as of 2008: 768,704
Children in foster care as of 2008: 3,126
Number of children victims of abuse and neglect (2008) 6,272
Number of grandparents raising grandchildren (2008) 48,144
Number of poor children (2008) 220,446
Number of children living in extreme poverty (2008) 107,094

Mississippi ranks 50th in infant mortality (2008)
Mississippi ranks 51st in babies born at low birthweight (2008)

Births in Mississippi: 44,947
Abortions in Mississippi: 2,932
Number of children adopted from foster care 248

Do we really need an amendment to prevent abortions (Proposition 26)? Why do we not have an amendment to protect the children we have living? Where is the amendment to increase the chances of children born being able to sustain life beyond 12 months? Why do we need a law to show us how to have a more viable life for our children in Mississippi?

We must spend more time and resources taking care of what is are rather than what maybe. Cast your cares upon the waters and trust in God’s will to prevail. Let the church say Amen.

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  1. I am still waiting for Prohibition to be repealed in Wayne County, MS. It seems the city does't need the money from liquor sales, liquor licenses, so forth, and had rather see it spent in the next County.

    Isn't it difficult enough as it is to get an abortion in MS? Isn't MS Proposition 26 unconstitutional? I certainly hope so.


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