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My Woman's Card is in the Mail

Welcome Luvs and Lovers to another wonderful day.  This morning I awoke to a tweet that my state still had spots for the 2016 DNC.  I immediately sent in my email request.  I then put on Corinne Bailey Rae to start my blog post about why I desire to be a delegate. 
In 2012 I was running for a spot on the Executive Committee for the Democratic Party when I was, in my view at the time, erroneously voted for the 2012 DNC rather than a spot on the Executive Committee.   However, hindsight shows all things previously hidden.  I learned in 2013 the only horse I can not only lead to water but make drink was myself.   I had multiple family events that pushed me to the brink of sanity.  I spent the next two years doing me.  Getting back to self.   Well now I am back and ready to get back into the fray.
When I was traveling the state of Mississippi attending various Democratic functions, my stump was about informing the voters of the issues and candidates.  I also was open about the threat of charter schools to the public educational system in Mississippi.  In 2015 there was an initiative on the ballot to requiring the state to fully fund public education in Mississippi.  I applauded the Democrats for trying.  Sadly we have a snake in the grass GOP run legislature affix a rather confusing two part confirmation and an opposing initiative on the ballot.   The public schools of Mississippi are not required to be fully funded in 2016.
My focus for 2016-2020:
·       Fully funding education for the public schools in Mississippi. 
·       Ending charter schools which I see as nothing more than a return to separate and unequal education. 
·       Full accountability for the federal funds sent to Mississippi
·       Ending candidates in Mississippi using campaign funds for personal expenses
·       Voter education
·       Removing this current incarnation GOP from power at all levels of government
·       Getting Hillary Clinton elected as president.
·       HB1523 – ( the wording in this bill allows discrimination against anyone under any circumstance.  This bill goes beyond “gay” wedding cakes.  If a wedding cake isn’t gay maybe it is time to call-off the wedding.
I know it may seem strange that I as an open Black lesbian living in Mississippi hold more concern about education than I do “gay” wedding cakes.  Ignorance is the reason we have HB 1523.  I see education as the great equalizer.  My homosexuality will be what it is without or without the blessing of man.  God knows me and at the end of this life only God will judge me. 
It may seem strange I, an openly Black lesbian mother living in Mississippi, place getting Hillary elected above HB153, reality checks are the reasons I do.  The biggest thing a president does for the nation involves international relations (foreign policy).  If you still think the world will allow the United States to just Beauregard on the world stage then you have been sleeping.  We need a leader who understands, fully, the nuances of foreign policy.  There is a reason Hillary was correct in 2008 about Sen. Obama being naive about the presidency, she had an awakening during her husband’s terms.  Folks “compromise” is not a bad thing.    Libya proved to be President Obama’s awakening.  I vote based on reality.
If my state legislature and Congress were under control of actual Progressives I would vote for Bernie. Bernie says the things I desire to live to see.  However, as a nation we are not there yet.  Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, and Kansas are but a few examples as to why.  The fact Trump will be the GOP nominee is an example.  I am ready for Bernie but my nation isn’t.  I am but 1 in a nation of 330M. 

In full disclosure I say, if I am chosen, once more to be a delegate for the DNC for Mississippi, I shall be a Clinton delegate.  My “Woman’s Card” is in the mail.  


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