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How elected officals should behave

I think of the six months I lived in NJ.  The people opened their doors to me and their restaurants.  NJ is the only place outside of the South where eating is a hobby and love affair.  The bad part, the food is damn good.  Warning, the people in NJ, even Newark, are sweet, loving and kind people.  Wear sweat pants and be prepared to eat your way across the state.   I ask everyone reading my blog to please text RedCross to 9099 to send $10 to help those affected. 


Sandy does have a silver lining.  That lining is elected officials doing their jobs regardless of political affiliation.  Christie's response to President Obama's response to Sandy gives to me hope that all is not lost in America.  Maybe there is more to us than Democrat or Republican.  Am I a dreamer? I hope I am not the only one. 

The media has made much of President Obama and Christie actually working together for the people.  It is a shame that such expectation are the norm in America.  We must hold elected officials responsible no matter what their political affiliations may be. 

After Katrina, I watched my home state get through the FEMA red tape with ease.  However, my governor at the time was the former RNC Chair and the president at that time was GOP wunderkid George W. Bush.  I also watched Louisiana's Democratic governor go through hell to get the help needed from FEMA for the state.  The GOP went full political during Katrina.  President Obama has done his job well by serving the people hit by Sandy without regard for the governors' political affiliation.  Chrisite did his job by not being too proud or too committed to GOP dogma to help the people of New Jersey. 

This election please vote for the person who actually gives a fuck for the American people.  In every state there is a clear choice on the ballot for those running for office who give a fuck and those just wanting to be in office.  We need a President and a Congress that gives a fuck for the people. 


Day-um Christie's ass is large.  Please know I am a big woman.  I saw Christie's ass and thought, "Shit, I have got to get in better shape?

Limbaugh thinks President Obama beat down Christie for a photo op.  What is Limbaugh's deal?  Is it the Oxycontin?

Watching the clips of Christie and President Obama walking side by side I think the FLOTUS needs to do an intervention in the Governor's office. 

Sandy has made Christie seem  normal.  I could see why his wife said ok, I'll marry you.  He no longer appears to be a huge ass. 

Ok, enough about Chrisite.  I seriously respect him for doing the right thing during a really fucked up time in America.  It is not the time for politics when the people need help.  We must come together to rebuild NJ without asking is it worth.  Every city and state in America is worth rebuilding.  Let's continue working together.  Keep FEMA viable for we have only just begun climate change disasters. 


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