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Past time to talk about Mitt as governor

Tonight bloggers need to do what the MSM will not do, tell the truth.  As luck would have it, I have associates from Massachusetts who tell a different story about Mitt's term as governor.  These people would be those who worked for the State of Massachusetts.  There are many things about Mitt we need to tell and to relate back to the GOP as a whole.  His term as governor of Massachusetts is just one of many things the public needs to hear.

I am posting below comments from others who have gone on the record with the Obama campaign about Mitten's term as governor.  

Massachusetts Officials Speak Out Against Romney’s Revisionist History

CHICAGO – Mitt Romney’s campaign is telegraphing that he’ll talk about his faux bipartisanship tonight. The debate hasn’t even started yet, and they’re already pushing an argument that is completely divorced from reality. The truth is the real Romney didn’t reach across the aisle in Massachusetts like he claims.

In response to Mitt Romney revisionist version of history, elected officials from Massachusetts released the following statements:

“I was a Massachusetts Representative for all of Mitt Romney’s term as Governor. I’ve worked with four Governors in Massachusetts, including three Republicans and I never saw a more disengaged chief executive that Mitt Romney. From day one it’s clear that Romney was focused on padding his resume and moving on to a Presidential run. Romney took drastic measure to isolate himself and his office from legislators and constituents. He consistently failed to show up for work, let alone work with legislative leaders on the issues important to the people of Massachusetts. We saw what happened in the Bay State under Romney: the state sank to 47th out of 50 in job creation and he left his successor with a billion-dollar deficit. America can’t afford a Mitt Romney presidency.” - Massachusetts Representative Jeffrey Sanchez   

“I saw firsthand that Mitt Romney had little interest in doing the hard work of governing. Romney was more interested in political posturing and photo-ops as he began planning his Presidential campaign than he was in actually serving the people of Massachusetts. Romney failed the people of Massachusetts and that’s the same brand of leadership he would bring to the White House.” - Massachusetts Representative Marty Walz 

“Mitt Romney talks a big talk, but the facts just don’t match the rhetoric. Mitt Romney said he was going to be bipartisan in Massachusetts and wasn’t; he said he was going to create jobs, and didn’t; and he said he was going to balance the budget and couldn’t. Why should anyone think he’d be any different as President of the United States?” - John Barrett, Former Mayor of North Adams, MA
“Mitt Romney thinks he can play by a different set of rules than middle class workers. How many people could get away with not showing up to work for 417 days over a four year period? Not only does Romney think he can get away with not going to work, now he’s asking for a promotion. Woody Allen once said that ‘eighty percent of success is showing up.’ As Governor, Romney couldn’t even be bothered to show up. Now he has the gall to go to a debate and just lie about his record.” – Massachusetts Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein


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