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Whoopi cushion for Faux News

I arrived home after the football game to see a cry for help to stop the bullying of Whoopie Goldberg.  I had to wonder what she had done?  It seems her crime was to ask a question many in the 47% are thinking:  Romney family's military service.  Faux News' usual suspects ran with what appeared to be a lack of knowledge on the part of Ms Goldberg.  It was even suggested she should have done more research.

Although Ms Goldberg is a comedian, black, and female I have reasons to suspect she is a critical thinker.  In fact her follow-up statement after Mrs. Romney's smirk filled reply about the Morman religion confirmed the true nature of  the conversation.  The truth, as I view it, the Romneys love to see America at war but find a mission when called by the country to serve in the war. 

Mitt championed Vietnam but did choose to go to France on a mission.  Mitt's sons all five are healthy and have not served in the military although our nation has been at war since 1990.  Mitt has a son who could have qualified to see active duty during conflict since 1990.  However, they all seem to have followed their father's lead.  President Obama, because of is his age was either too young or too old to serve during the major conflicts in which our nation engaged.  President Bill Clinton was a true conscientious objector to the war. 

Mitt Romney, in my view, was a chickenhawk in 1969 and is one now in 2012.  He has on several occasions insinuated he will take this nation to war against Iran when he is elected.  Romney is more than willing to put the lives of the children of the 47% on the line but not his own.  He values his sons' lives while considering the lives of other children to be nothing more than a means to an end. 

Ms. Goldberg was correct in asking her question.  She asked a question many of us mothers formed in our minds at the start of Mitt's run for the White House.  His wife's response does not heal the wounds of the loss of the devout Methodist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Baptist,Unitarian, Muslim, Hindi, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic and any other religion in America families.  I applaud Ms.Goldberg for asking what the MSM should be asking.  However, yet again the MSM takes its journalistic cues from Faux News.  The narrative is not "gotcha" it is "Chickenhawk beats war drums". 

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