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We still stand

Stand you in NYC. Stand those in Boston. Stand people in Atlanta. Stand strong Portland, Main. Stand America.

Rise Mississippi. Join your voice longed silence by those elected to guide you to prosperity. Rise Mississippi. Wipe the tears from your eyes. Stand. Stand and demand a seat at the table. No more will you work 16 hour days just to bring home a tenth of the boss's pay. Rise Mississippi. No longer will your children be undereducated and overworked. Rise Mississippi. Stand stand for a quality of life deserving of one who has worked for so long so many hours and so many days. Rise Mississippi. It is time. Occupy now.

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It is simple in my view, we have a problem.  We must ask why are assault weapons, weapons that spray when fired, required in civilian life.  I am not against gun ownership. I do question those who are arming themselves with weapons more suited for battle than stopping home invasion.  Are these people expecting the American government to attack them? Why?

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