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Kill my seed before it grows

Sheriff John Brown. Stand up. Stand up for your rights. As I channel Bob Marley, I feel those words as never before in my life. Tonight I attended a meeting to plan OccupyMS. I was shocked to see 35 people out to plan in MS.

During the course of the meeting several people made statements that echoed the words of the establishment to kill a movement. OccupyWallStreet is confusing the MSM (corporate controlled need). After attempting to ignore the movement, they are now scrambling to define the movement. After being unable to label a leader or a single cohesive issue, they are now attempting to discredit the movement.

It is for us the people to not depend on MSM to define our movement. America in the last 12 years have created enough ills for us to protests a full year 24/7. This movement is not about a single issue. It is about the collective economic and social oppression of Americans. When roughly 1% of a population controls 89% of all resources and 99% of the people do not have adequate access to 60% of those resources, do not be surprised when the 99% of the people take to the streets.

It is important that those of us in the movement do not lose focus of the goal: a better life for 100% of the people. There will be those who will seek to infiltrate the movement to kill it. Love those who come to deliver death to the movement for only love can take on hate. Speak words of authentic love to those who approach or demean you. Be your authentic self. We are a diverse nation and this movement is by diverse people. Our strength is in our diversity and in our ability to come together on one accord: a better life for all people.

Keep this movement going. Let it not be killed by those who fear people coming together for greater good for all.

Get active people in your life.

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