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Writing voter guide for MS

Busy with family, Occupy Mississippi, and writing voter guide. Although Mississippi did not produce idiotic immigration legislation it is proposing something much worse, prop 26.

I am seeking views on the proposition and other initiatives on the ballot.

Working against clock. Hope to be press ready by Wednesday.

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  1. 26 - the ONLY thing it does is redefine "Person" in the constitution of Mississippi. (which, technically, it is not allowed to do, so will be DOA unless courts are corrupt.) It might not even ban abortion as they want, depends totally on the courts decisions. It could ban abortion, birth control, In Vitro Fertilization, make miscarriages be investigated for possible negligence, manslaughter or murder charges and anything else a lawyer might be able to come up with. I made a video...

    27 - Voter ID bill which will cost the state $1,400,000 or more per year. Not worth it.

    31 - Will not allow Mississippi to use eminent domain to take private land and turn that land over to private business. Good idea! Will prevent things like the Canton Land grab to benefit Nissan. Eminent Domain will only be able to be used for Roads, Public Parks, and other Public use - not for private development.


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