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Please help Americans in need

Pass along this blog posting to all you know. We must take a stand to stop the erosion of our rights as Americans.

Pass this posting to others. We are the difference.

Dear friend,

Thank you for signing up to join the Virtual March on Wall Street. We'll send instructions first thing Wednesday morning. In the meantime, let's get as many people as we can to join the Virtual March! You can invite your friends and family by just forwarding the sample letter below.

Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

Thanks for all you do.

--The Civic Action Team

Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Virtual March on Wall Street this Wednesday


Have you seen what's happening on Wall Street?

Thousands of people are occupying the streets to demand that giant banks pay their fair share of taxes, end the foreclosure crisis, and create jobs. The protest has been running for two weeks straight, 24 hours a day and it is only getting bigger.

I just signed up to join a virtual march planned by and Rebuild the Dream on Wednesday to show my support.

Will you sign up too? We're trying to get hundreds of thousands of voices of solidarity for the protesters to show just widespread outrage at the Wall Street banks really is.

Click here to sign up:

If you've received this email in error, please correct your campaign subscription information at:

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