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Early morning mess

I love America. No snark. I love my nation. My love is the reason I am so very concerned about the fight against Affordable Care Act. How can some proclaim this nation to be a Christian nation while fighting against access to quality healthcare for all? My nation has become more fearful and vengeful. The hatred born of fear no longer dwells deep within; it now lives in the open.

I am not a law scholar. In my simple view it does not make sense to fight a healthcare mandate when people are forced to buy auto insurance. In my view it does not matter if I pay because of a state or federal law, I am still paying. This suit against affordable healthcare is baseless in my view.

It is ridiculous for SCOTUS to make a decision on a law they have not read. Yes, I expect them to read all 2,700 pages. It is their job. My nation is about to set a sad precedent which will only serve to make the union less strong and less stable. States should have rights but not rights that supersede what is best for the union as a whole. It makes no sense that our first world nation does not have universal healthcare. Healthcare is one of those things common to all Americans. As an American I should be able to have access to healthcare without paying 25% of my salary.

It is sad to see the court playing partisan games with our lives. It is sad to see the start of the weakening of our union. Scalia stated during oral arguments that our founding fathers did not desire a strong centralized government. I guess I , the none legal expert , read history incorrectly. I always thought the constitution was written in order to form a more perfect union.


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