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Being in Christ

There are times when being in Christ is not easy. The murder of Treyvone Martin is one such time. It is in these times that I find myself having to go deeper to be in Christ. However, I must be in Christ.

I am not in Christ because I am a punk. There is in me, a Black mother, the urge to strap up to take a trip to Florida. The urge is in me to "stand my ground" in 23 states. However I know that urge is not Christ. I have learned in my advance age how the universe brings about a perfect justice.

There are those who are praying for mass chaos to develop in the wake of Treyvon Martin's murder. There are those itching to pull on the cache of guns in their homes. There are those angry at yet another death where the crime was not being White.

Now is not the time for fear to rule our hearts and minds. Now is the time to allow the love of the Christ spirit to shine. We must know love will be the only way out of this mess. Fear in the absence of love, crested the law that has allowed Zimmerman to remain free after his murder of Treyvone Martin. I write these words as I work to push back my anger. Join with me in allowing love to color our thoughts and actions in the wake of Treyvone Martin's murder.

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