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We need to talk

Today I shall attend a wake for a younger cousin. On hearing of her death my first response was "that little girl". It had been do many years since I had seen her. I spent the day attempting to see her as a woman. I wondered why I have been spared when others in the family have not. I also spent the day wondering why my family was in denial about genetic disorders. In this case my cousin dead due to lupus. My family and people in general need to be honest about genetic disorders.

In my family there are a few things we are most like to experience. Ovarian and lung cancers are top of the list. The next comes stroke. The women are usually limited to two live births at the most , provided they do not die during the first birth.

Having enough medical history for a case study one would think my family would be more open about medical matters. Yet I went blindly into pregnancy not knowing until after my child's birth of the family history.

Knowing of our history I would have made changes early on in my life. People we must be honest about our health. One of my associates has no children to prevent the continuance of a particular medical matter in her family. I have now grown to respect her decision to be responsible in such a manner. Yes not all women on birth control are sluts.
Pardon the aside.

I talk with my children about genetics. We discuss family illnesses. I desire they are fully aware. Things will not become better as long as we continue to hide what must be fixed.

Rest in peace Michelle.


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