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et tu mi Amor

Okay, if you follow this blog you know, I am honest about ranting. I am ranting today. WTF!!!!! Why are Dems attempting to out GOP the GOP in anything let alone raising money? Why? I mean f'ing really. The Dems must do what they do best, serve the people. It does not take billions to serve the people. Allow the GOP to attempt to buy votes. Dems must use their voices to tell the truth at every given opportunity. Currently with the internet being what it is and with social media on smartphones billions are not needed. We must do the best with what we have. This story makes no sense in light of what is going on in Wisconsin. The best publicity Dems could get at this time is a recall of Scott Walker in WI. However, the DNC is ignorning the request from WI Dems for funds to help defeat Walker. What is the freaking purpose of raising money if not to put boots on the ground? If I hurt some feelings with this posting so be it. Truth hurts when you are on the wrong side of it. I am speaking from experience of being on the wrong side of truth. Get right Dems. I am getting right. I need for you to do the same. Send money to WI. Screw parties to make money. We need to party with a purpose of educating the people not to raise money from large donors. The key here is small donations. Each of the small donations represent a vote. I will take 1K Americans over 1 rich American any day of the week. In our country, one man one vote means something in elections. Please review the information in the link below. We can do it. It will take precinct by precinct to do it but we can do it. Let's come together, right now.


  1. I agree 100% - they are having too many fundraisers and not enough Awareness Raisers.

    Sadly, it takes money to do Awareness raising or I would be doing more.


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