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MS Legislator calls for death of homosexuals

There are times I wonder if the GOP is aware of itself. Last week MS GOP leaders had their panties in a wad after Gov Perdue of NC made an unfavorable comparison of NC to MS. They went as far as to invite her to MS for a visit. I think she declined. If she is gaythen she made a wise decision. This week state lawmaker, Rep Andy Gipson ( district 77), cited the Bible in his call for the death of homosexuals. Well well what do we have now in MS? Sharia law via King James ' version?

My friends warned me about returning home. However I had no choice for my family needed me. I was reared to place family second only to God. It is with great surprise I now know God has placed a hit on me.

When lawmakers feel free to promote hate for the citizens they were elected to serve we have an issue. Calling out Gov Perdue for holding unto a stereotype of MS is the last thing MS Gov Bryant should have done when lawmakers such as Rep Gipson serve in the MS legislature.

It is 2012. It is time for humans to evolve before we are the source of our own extinction.


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