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Mississippi Burning Yet Again

The comments made by Governor Perdue of North Carolina offened many Mississippians. Mississippians on both sides of the politics and of various hues were offended. However, I, a Mississippian, am not offended. I understand how those outside of Mississippi could entertain a negative view of Mississippi. Mississippi earned a reputation that is proving hard to dispel. I am not writing to say Mississippi is Damron's Travel Guide top place for homosexuals to visit. I am saying it is not the hell hole some believe. I enjoy waking each day to fresh air. Although my commute to work is long it is not crowded. It is good that when I travel the state I have family no matter where I go. (saves on hotels) However, I do not have my head in the sand. Mississippi has some public policy issues. I shall not attempt to validate the some of the policies in the state by mentioning other states are doing the same thing. I call on the state of Mississippi to do better in regards to the rights of all of the people. Gov Bryant nor Lt Gov Reeves attempted to deny the basis for Gov Perdue's comments. However they only spoke of being disappointed and how Mississippi offers a better climate for business. If my leaders are disappointed then they need to use their power to correct the image. Step one would be to stop pushing for racial profiling in the form of immigration reform. The legislation has died twice in the state of Mississippi. Step two stop pushing for personhood legislation after it was voted down by the voters in a landslide. Step three stop giving away the state to corporations while closing schools to pay for the tax breaks. Step four regulate corporations doing in business in Mississippi to mititage the high number of cases of cancer in the state. Mississippi is not a liberal's utopia but it is far from the hell hole others outside of the state would believe. Mississippians are actually progressive people when God is not used as an arugment to push through a law. I was appointed to chair the Democratic Executive Committee in one of the reddest counties in Mississippi although I am openly gay. The people on the committee cared more about getting things done than on my sex life. I invite others to come visit the state. You will find, I betcha, you love it here.


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