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Watching Revolution

I enjoy television. The shows that become popular say much about the society. Shows that become cult favorites say even more. Watching the second episode of Revolution, I wondered who are these writers. What are the motives? This episode brought up a few interesting modern day American survivalist tenants. We are too dependent on electricity We cannot trust the government for the security of our families Living in the city is bad. Living in rural less crowded areas ensures survival. Government will take away your shotguns used to obtain food. A time when displaying the American flag will label you a rebel We should have at least one hard copy of our children photos My thoughts: We are too dependent on electricity. Government fails to serve when the people forget they are the government. Living in the city increase your chances of survival in the event when self-sufficiency is not possible. Living in rural area allows a certain level of freedom not found in the city but does not guarantee your survival. The Confederacy is an example of a fallen nation whose standard is seen as a rebel flag. I am sending pics of my children to snap fish now for printing. When I traveled frequently as part of my job, I would read the editorial of the local paper at a local coffeehouse/diner. I was able to learn much about the area where I was staying. What does Revolution and it 29M viewers say about our nation. Watch the series. Let me know your thoughts.


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