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Adventures of a liberal at the DNC 2012 -Travel

My getting to the DNC was a miracle. I waited too late to get plane tickets ($800). Hurricane Isaac also packed the bues and trains with those getting out of the way. I spent more on the travel to the bus station than the actual cost of the trip to North Carolina. However I still love my small town. I did meet someone from my state on the last leg of my journey to the convention. We had an engaging conversation on the state of our state. We also spoke about the hateful billboards that peppered the Charlotte area regarding President Obama. The billboards desgined to offend Presisdent Obama actually were more offensive to us because of the lies and hyprocrisy being promoted. After a two day delay, I finally made it to my hotel. The phone did not work in my room. The showerhead was fixed and set very high. As a short person, "Raindrops Falling on My Head". However, I was here. Oh happy days.


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