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Adventures of a liberal at the DNC 2012 - Pre -convention

I awoke had breakfast at my hotel. I ate ceral for I am doing nothing white until November. Changing my life man. Changing my life. I received my credential for the convention hall. At this point I should mention this is my first convention. Those at my table were still reeling from the meltdown at the RNC. We were amazed at how much the republicans on program did not care for a Mitt Romney presidency. It felt good to be a delegate at the DNC where we loved our candidate. The good feeling stayed with me all day. I attended African-American and Jewish cheerleading sessions. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was the main cheerleader at both events. People clamoring for Hillary need to see Debbie. She is Hillary without Bill. She just lays the facts on the line without fear. She will be president 2016 or 2020. I then returned to my room for a quick nap. I hitched a ride to downtown Charlotte for a party for off the chain bloggers. I met very interesting people. I also met the Obama campaign operative who has been conversing with me for months. She was wicked in person as she is online. I loved her. However, as I sat eating I realized I was still a geek. I felt very much like the teenager whose mother had to force her to attend a dance. I ate my free meal and drunk my free drinks and left. I should say I walked in the rain to the event 10 blocks and I walked 15 blocks to the area for the convention buses. It was when I arrived at the bus staging area that the real mess of the night started. The buses stopped running at 9PM. The would restart at 12:30AM. I and my fellow delegates at the bus stop were confused until we read the fine print in the guide. Dang I knew I needed that guide. After the man in the group stopped a taxi with his hands, we finally made it back to our hotels 14 miles from the convention. My lessons on the first day: Wear gym shows: If you are not a VIP you will have a great deal of walking State parties should start saving for the convention 30 days after the elections results are given. A rough estimate of delegates can be determined at that time. Buses should not stop running at 9PM. Workout months before the convention for you will walk Do not swap cell phone OS 4 days before leaving for convention I shall post a link to the pictures later. I am still learning how to work my new phone. I thank everyone who helped me get to the convention. The wonderful people in Mississippi who made it possible. I thank the members of Buffalo United Methodist church for the taxi money to the bus station and for training me as a child to reach for the stars. I also thank the person who, as always, has given money to support yet another of my adventures in life: my darling ex-lover.


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Quick  and dirty   Star Trek  Discovery  is everything  I  thought  it would  be.  It is my hope the White  boys  chill the fuck out .  There will be a White male captain .   The Black  woman  will be of a lowered  status.  White  boys  are you appeased ?
My personal  view fuck White  boys who had their dicks in a vise  over women  of color  at the helm of a fictional  space vessel.  I shall watch  Star Trek  Discovery .  I shall pay the fee to CBS Access  with joy. If you wanted to watch OITNB you paid  Netflix . Overall  I look  forward  to the day a fictional  show  that features  women  of color  in prominent  positions  doesn't  freak out White males.  They were  so freaked  out  they compared  The Orville  to Star Trek  Discovery .  Guys chill out ,  future  happens .

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Work to do

I am typing a few quick thoughts today.  This thought is about White people being real.  When I returned to Mississippi in 2002, I had planned to only be here two years.  I didn't wish my kids to be in the oppressiveness of Mississippi too long.   I like other young Black people left this state before the ink was dry decades earlier.  When I returned in 2002, I was to learn of a silent change in the state, White folks waking-up. 

They are sadly still not the majority in 2017 but they are growing daily.  Trump has helped many White people face the mirror no longer able to deny the truth.  They are now facing the results of hate without the filter of Confederate glasses.  Mississippi is a wreck and holding on to a divisive symbol of hate, our flag.  Centuries of hate in the state has left the state destitute to the point even White people are leaving in large numbers.   Those now leaving are exporting hate to other states that have done well economically by ending policy of hate.